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"The Transcience Of Worldly Existance..."

Vanitas Mundi is a non-au asian roleplaying community focusing on muse-developement and interaction. Our main objective is to provide an outlet for dedicated and passionate roleplayers.

• In this community, we strongly believe in the growth of our muses and portraying them as a third-dimensional person outside of ourselves. This being said, it is crucial that you know your muse on a personal level and always keep up-to-date with information pertaining to your muse.

• The RP is Para/Multi-Para turn based style. Script/Star form will be allowed for group scenes.

• Roleplaying takes place mainly on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) but if there are concerns about keeping multiple screennames in order, then we suggest that you download programs like Meebo or Trillian. Nifty, see? Since this is not a thread community, it will help along with maintaining contact information inside the community.

• If you're in another community and roleplaying the same muse, then please create a seperate livejournal username and AIM screenname for ours.

• Number of muse claims are negotiable, but to start you are only allowed to claim 3. If you have remained active, then within a month's time, you may be granted permission to claim another muse. Know your limit and please don't exceed what you think you can handle.

• Be respectful. If you have a problem with another Mun and it absolutely can not be resolved, please go to a Mod. Let's be civil about things. Most times, OOC arguments start due to a lack of communication and understanding. And although open communication is important and will be necessary In Character and Out Of Character, be reminded that there IS a difference between keeping information within the roleplay and out.

• Due to the mature themes in this community, an age limit is required. Anyone under 15 years of age will NOT be accepted. And please don't lie about your age. One way or another, the Mods will find out -- and your muse will be cut from the game completely.

• Every month, you should post once in the community AS WELL AS once in your muses private journal(s). If they do not show that they are personally and socially active, your muse may be subject to removal.

• Concerning holds & reserves, please leave a comment here and you will be given ONE WEEK to make the claim for your muse.

• And lastly -- Be Active! We are aware that a circumstance might arise in your everyday life, so just leave a post stating how long you'll be gone or if you will be dropping a muse. Life happens -- and a Notice stating your Hiatus or Drop is all that is asked for. However, failure to adhere to these rules with a one-week warning will lead to a cut if you remain inactive.

If you have any questions, suggestions or need to discuss an issue within or related to the community, please do not hesitate to approach either of us.

Mod: Emi - dalphaengi & Co Mod: Lin - asongforlin

Or send an email to: vanitasmundi.rpg@gmail.com


1. First, check the Vanitas Mundi Website to see who's open.

2. Title the Subject Line as: Claim.

3. Mun's Name:
Mun's LJ:
Mun's AIM:
Online frequency / Time zone:

Muse & Band:
Muse's LJ:
Muse's AIM:

Write what you feel would best give people an idea of your muse's personality in atleast a paragraph.

4. Wait until you're approved, which shouldn't take too long at all.

5. Once you are approved, be sure to join vm_ooc with your muse's journal. In addition, please join flygentleman_yg if your muse is from YG Entertainment.

6. Add the other muses using the friending button.
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