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a non au asian entertainment roleplay
6th-Aug-2007 05:30 pm
Mun's Name: Takumi
Mun's LJ: kieta_seraphim
Mun's AIM: theifddreams
Online frequency/Time zone: For most of the day, mornings up until late evening. Asia/Tokyo

Muse & Band: Chiba Ryohei, W-inds
Muse's LJ: shy_ryohei
Muse's AIM: dancingmasta
Description of muse:

Ryohei let his thoughts wander from what he was doing and he unconsciously, went through the routine, not paying strict attention. He usually found himself throwing everything he had into dancing, but today, it was different, he couldn't keep his focus on anything. He glanced up for a split second to make sure he wasn't off, then looked back down.

All of the sudden, he noticed everyone was watching him, he flashed them a well practiced smile to tell them that everything was okay. Keita and Ryuichi both looked like they wanted to talk to him, but just as they were about to, the instructor called for them to resume practice again.

Don't think, just do, he kept saying that over and over hoping somehow that he just got through the practice. It was a simple thought, but executing it was harder than it seemed. He groaned out loud, as he hit the floor again. Pain was hardly a factor as his vision swam out in front of him. And he had to be glad when just minutes later, another break was called.

((I appologize for the length))
6th-Aug-2007 11:20 am (UTC) - [mod]
No need to aplogize for length <33 Approved
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