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a non au asian entertainment roleplay
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25th-Jun-2007 09:52 pm - claim
mun's name: Kit
mun's Journal: togiretamelody
mun's AIM:  tian niao kitt
online frequency: mostly weekdays, otherwise at night.  pacific time.

muse &band: Lina &CSJH The Grace
muse's lj: xxsang_mi
muse's AIM: shang mei LINA
description of muse: SM's sweetheart, Lina isn't new to the entertainment business.  starting off as half the girl duo ISAK N JIYEON (which flopped after the first album), she moved onto modeling and action before SM decided that they didn't want her talent to go to waste, casting her into a female project group with eventually resulted in CSJH.  despite being tomboyish, she proves herself to be a nurturing figure in the band, caring more about her bandmates than herself.
23rd-Jun-2007 01:45 pm - Being busy
There's been a lot going on lately... A lot of practicing, and perfomances. I miss my sleep. T____T

But at least it was my birthday recently, and of course that's always good~
22nd-Jun-2007 06:53 pm(no subject)
and again
Good things happen when you least expect it.

And it was really unexpected.

It makes me smile.
17th-Jun-2007 11:18 am - 서울은 흐림..
And it's the way by which word travels that makes for war.

You know life's hard when you turn to a burrito for company.
Itaewon, here I come.

16th-Jun-2007 02:32 pm - Claim
Under the spotlight
Mun's Name: Emily
Mun's LJ: crunkypop
Mun's AIM: toomuchmanga
Online frequency/Time zone: Everyday, 4:00-10:00, sometimes later on Fridays.
Muse & Band: HwiChan of Battle
Muse's LJ: hwichandance
Muse's AIM: hwiChanDANCE

Um, thankyou. :]
16th-Jun-2007 09:15 am(no subject)

So we're in Taiwan right now..

but i can't wait to get back home;
--not that it i'snt nice here--

but it's just that
 there are some special people out there that i can't wait to spend time with once i get back to Seoul ^^

(and i'm hoping they ARE there when i do get back)


13th-Jun-2007 05:47 pm(no subject)
Already so soon before we head back to Japan to release Piranha. u.u; More than likely the middle of July if not earlier since the release date is August 1st. I'm not entirely looking forward to returning to Japan. It's lovely but it's just not the same as Korea or San Diego.

BUT! The exciting part of the this new single is that we get to film our vid for it in New York City. Mmm mmm...now that will be exciting.
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